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Majestic creature

Majestic creature

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beelzebuttz said: They plottin’ NO MOMS ALLOWED

HAHA you’re probably right

Three turds in a dog house

How or why they all decided to go in together, I’m not sure

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me: i have depression

person: *suddenly becomes mental health expert, nutritionist, spiritual guide* why dont u try yoga why dont u eat lots of fruit maybe u should exercise have u tried keeping a journal have u tried yoga have u tried meditation have u tried sitting in the sun have u tried patting a dog have u tried exercise yoga in the fruit sun yoga yoga

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not a bad jump for chubby Straps

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My gang of weirdos

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Skinning animals alive; it’s a myth

I mention a couple of the reasons in my video, but the basics are; animal cruelty results in a poorer quality skin. Whether it’s living conditions, or the method in which the animal is killed before skinning - better for the animal is also best for the skin. Looking at it in the most objective way, better welfare and killing the animal humanely before skinning means their skin and fur is worth more.

That video of the racoon dog being skinned? Staged. The seal cub being skinned alive? Also staged. Don’t believe every shocking video you’re linked on the internet.



apparently the cat has been stealing shampoo bottles and leaving it at one of the guy’s heads while they sleep



yeah one of the guys came and told me “hey I dont know where you normally put those shampoo bottles so I put them by the tub but.. I woke up to them right by head last night and it tripped me right out”

and theres no way its the dogs because they sleep in my room behind closed doors. the cat steals things all the time but shampoo bottles is new.

apparently the cat has been stealing shampoo bottles and leaving it at one of the guy’s heads while they sleep


why are you eating the tree stump

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mgkesi said: My Tasha was the same way as Cargo. She was my heart dog but I couldn’t take her around people, she just couldn’t deal with it. So I know how good it must feel for you, I went through that when my girl Raven was a puppy and was thrilled, too.

Aw poor baby :( The toughest thing about it isn’t even the inconvenience, its the sheer amount of guilt I feel either putting her through the stress of even having to -see- another human being or leaving her at home while I take the puppy out.
But yes its very exciting with the puppy and even though we live in a small town an its not the easiest to socialize in busy places, I’m doing my best to take advantage and make sure she’s going to be stable in public. We also kind of got her as a therapy dog for Cargo since we’ve observed that she’s much more easily calmed when around non-reactive dogs in unfamiliar situations. Still have a ways to go with solidifying Hauler’s training/socializing before we can take the two out together in public. Cargo is pretty much perfect in every other way but thats the only way I dont want her to rub off on the puppy.

rickyhitler said: i think that’s awesome, and a very good way to socialize your dog. GL HAULER AND CARGO

Totally! Especially cause kids tend to be very loud and move around a lot/move fast.. and the little ones act like they’re hammered 24-7. Its great exposure. A lot of them are on bikes, yelling, throwing things, etc so its good for her to learn to accept that.

I wish it were this easy when I got Cargo. She was too far gone to even go for “normal” walks and we had to start training from a distance right off the bat. Nevermind actually being next to a human being or letting them touch her.

Since school is back in session, I’ve been walking Hauler every day when school finishes since the couple hundred kids leaving the composite school makes it the busiest time in town.

Still intimidated when people are facing her/looking at her and standing. I walked past a couple kids and one said “I want to pet that dog” so I told him “Okay, as long as you crouch down like I’m doing now, cause you’re too tall and scary for her if you dont” and literally the second they both crouched down she ran up and gave them kisses and also sat very politely waiting to be pet.

I know you guys are probably like “yeah so” but seriously you have no idea how refreshing it is for me to take a dog on a walk and not have to be 100ft away from people at all times. I love Cargo but her inability to cope with being around strangers is a major downfall and inconvenience that will obviously take a while to really improve.






I hadn’t been on my society 6 for a while and


I guess they have wall clocks now and just automatically put some of my images that work as a clock and lmao I kind of want it

kitten fetus clock

I’m gonna buy one and hang it in my kitchen

this is actually super cute i want one!

They’re $30 here (I make a whole $3 off of it)

Apparently its free worldwide shipping today too. Society6 has free shipping a lot though.

Do you really only get given that much from sales? Holy shit.

Yeah society 6 isn’t much of a money maker. I could jack up the price quite a bit to give me more out of it but there’s no point in that.

« With just one single exception, the attack on congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords in Tucson in 2011, every public shooting since at least 1950 in the U.S. in which more than three people have been killed has taken place where citizens are not allowed to carry guns. »

- Economist John Lott (via mr-cappadocia)